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Learn – plan – align

to peak performance

Team Communication Styles

Through the use of assessments and a facilitated discussion, gain an understanding for each team member’s communication style and learn how to better communicate with styles that differ from your own. This is a powerful workshop that supports productive team communication shifts and sets a strong foundation for ongoing team development.

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Team Charter Development

Through a facilitated discussion, we will guide your team in the creation of a comprehensive team charter. Gain a better understanding of your team’s strengths, weaknesses, and limiting behaviors. You will walk away from this workshop with a documented charter that includes: 

    • Clear roles & responsibilities for each team member
    • An actionable vision on how the team will measure success (team KPIs)
    • Agreement on team norms & expectations (including how we will work, how we make decisions, how we deal with conflict or behavior not aligned with norms). 

This workshop is designed to strengthen team communication, commitment, accountability and alignment. 

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Strategic Execution Plan Development

Build a shared vision and clear strategic plan to gain clarity, buy-in, alignment and commitment from your team. Through a facilitated discussion, we will support your team in developing and aligning behind a strategic plan to support your team’s or company’s vision. You will walk away with a clear plan on how to execute on the strategy.

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When teams are both cohesive and aligned,

they can achieve exceptional results.

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